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Power On the Go: Introducing the Portable Solar Lighting Music System

For all the outdoor adventurers and music lovers out there, we are excited to present the Portable Solar Lighting Music System – an all-in-one solar-powered device that keeps you illuminated and entertained anywhere under the sun!

What is a Portable Solar Lighting Music System?

This innovative system combines essential off-grid functions into one convenient, briefcase-sized unit:

Solar Panel: Built-in 10W solar panel converts sunlight into free renewable electricity

Lighting: Powers up to three 3W LED light bulbs (included) – choose from white/warm/cool color temps

Battery: 7500mAh lithium battery stores charge to run lights for 3-4 hrs on full capacity

Music: FM/MP3/Bluetooth connectivity plays tunes from various audio sources

Charging: USB ports allow charging small electronics like phones, headphones, e-readers etc.

What benefit you can get from this solar music lighting system?

With this eco-friendly system that sips power from the sun, you’ll enjoy bright omni-directional lighting and music all-day or all-night – perfect for your next camping trip, tailgate party, rooftop get-together, or outdoor adventure off the grid!

Easy to set up within minutes out-of-the-box by extending the small solar panel, this portable power station couldn’t be simpler and more convenient to use on-the-go. Weighing less than15kgs, it’s designed for life’s adventures whether local camping or world travel.

Welcome to contact us for more details.

Stay tuned for more details on our solar system’s specifications(model: AS-DCK-02), features, usage tips, and where to purchase! Let us know if you have any solar-powered questions.


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