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6V 2W Mini DC lighting Kit

Solar torch lighting, portable and easy to use, with lithium battery built-in, led bulb 2pcs last 4-6hours after fully charge. With USD and phone charge function.

Product details


1) Portable, easy to operate, chargeable battery, green energy and environmental-friendly.

2) Built-in battery, solar panel charging and AC adapter charging.

3) 3.7VDC and 5VDC USB output can charge mobile and other small electronics.

4) Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, anti-reverse charging protection to extend the life span.

5) It used in road monitoring, tunnel power supply, communication base station, environmental monitoring and camping, hiking, outside lighting and indoor lighting etc.

Model AS-SF-03
Solar Panel Poly 2W/6V
Battery 3000Mah Lithium battery
LED bulb 2pcs 1W
Accessory 1*5types mobile charger wire
Working time 4-6hours
Charging time 9-10hours
Color Blue/Yellow/Green/Black
Package(PCS/CTN) 20pcs/ctn

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