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All in two solar street light 30W~120W

  • Whole lamp adopt high-end aluminum alloy material.
  • LED module adjustable angle,suitable for different terrain roads.
  • Super-big battery box,the battery inside led lamp.
  • View angle is 140°,lighting more area.
  • Very easy install,maintaince,disassembly takes only three minutes,auto on/off.
  • With remote control,use UAV technology,can penetrate walls, remote control distance up to 30 meters.

Product details

AS-SY series is all in two design solar street light, high quality specially for project installation. It uses ultra bright bridgelux 3030 leds, whole lamp lumen is up to 170lm/W. We adopt hight quality LiFePo4 battery cycles is more than 20000. It is duable. In additional, it is super easy to install, just plug the solar panel connect with the light. Super easy and convenient.


The AS-SY series all-in-two solar street light features a modern and streamlined design, providing a sleek and efficient lighting solution. The shell is constructed using ADC12 die-cast aluminum, ensuring durability and robustness.

Equipped with high brightness SMD 3030 LED chips, the light delivers exceptional illumination, with an impressive lumen output of 170lm/w for the entire lamp. This results in bright and clear lighting that enhances visibility and safety.

The solar street light is designed for optimal energy efficiency, with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 20%. This ensures that more solar energy is effectively converted into usable power, maximizing the light’s performance and reducing energy wastage.

Powered by a large capacity lithium battery, the AS-SY series offers a long service life, providing reliable and consistent lighting over extended periods. For added functionality, an optional motion sensor can be included, allowing for intelligent lighting control and further energy savings.

The light is rated IP65 waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions. This feature ensures the light’s durability and longevity, even in harsh environments.

In summary, the AS-SY series all-in-two solar street light presents a sophisticated design with high-performance components, including high brightness LEDs, efficient solar conversion, and durable lithium batteries. With optional motion sensing and IP65 waterproof rating, it is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for outdoor applications, promoting energy savings and extended service life.

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