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Half-Cell Solar Panel 410W 460W 550W

  1. Improved Efficiency: Half-cell design reduces resistive losses and increases overall efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Performance in Partial Shading: Minimizes the impact of shading on energy production.
  3. Higher Temperature Tolerance: Better performance in high-temperature environments.
  4. Reduced Cell Mismatch: Cells are divided into smaller units, reducing cell mismatch issues.
  5. Improved Durability: Smaller cells are more resistant to micro-cracking and stress-induced damage.
  6. Increased Energy Production: Higher power output due to the use of smaller cell units.
  7. Better Low-Light Performance: Half-cell panels can generate electricity even in low-light conditions.
  8. Improved System Reliability: Enhanced resistance to hotspots and cell degradation.

Product details

1. Half-Cut Solar Cells: Standard solar cells are cut in half, allowing for better energy production.
2. Advanced Cell Interconnection: Improved interconnection between cells ensures optimal performance.
3. Larger Module Size: Half-cell panels are typically larger in size, maximizing energy production.
4. Multiple Busbars: Half-cell designs often feature multiple busbars for improved current collection.
5. Compatible with Various Installation Types: Suitable for residential, commercial, and utility-scale installations.
6. Industry-Standard Certifications: Half-cell panels meet standard certifications for quality and safety.
7. Long-Term Warranties: Typically come with extended warranties for peace of mind.

Half-cell solar panels offer numerous advantages, including improved efficiency, enhanced performance in shading and high temperatures, increased energy production, and better system reliability. They feature advanced cell designs, larger module sizes, and compatibility with various installation types, making them a reliable choice for solar energy systems.



Model AS-HC-400W AS-HC-450W AS-HC-550W
Power 400W 450W 550W
Open Circuit Voltage 49.80V 41.30V 37.00V
Short Circuit Current 13.98A 13.89A 13.60A
Module Size 2279*1134*35MM 1909*1134*30MM 1722*1134*30MM
Weight 28.6KGS 23.5KGS 22.5KGS
40HQ container (pcs) 620pcs 864pcs 936pcs
20ft container (pcs) 255pcs 284pcs 368pcs

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