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Aluminum all-in-one Solar Street light 60W/120W/180W

AS-ZC series use thick aluminium housing, good at heat-cooling. Ultra bright reach 150lm/w. Lifepo4 battery, durable. Waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosive, snow/Wind load. Rechargeable, innovative products for outdoor lighting. Light Control, Motion Sensor, Remote Control. 60W/120W/180W are available. Best choice for wholesale, distributor sell.

Product details

Model AS-ZC series
Power 60W 120W


Solar power

6V/10W,Poly 6V/20W,Poly 6V/30W,Poly
Dimension 490*235*70mm 650*265*70mm


Lifepo4 Battery

3.2 V / 10000mA 3.2 V / 15000mA 3.2 V / 20000mA





Charging time

6-7 hours
Discharging time

12-15 hours

Control method

Light control+radar+remote control

2 years


Garden Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Courtyard Lighting, etc.





















Product advantages:

  • Adopt ultra-bright LED chip, lumen reach 150lm/w.
  • Remote control + PIR motion sensor, sensing distance up to 6-8m.
  • Use thick aluminum body, high quality, better cooling, longer lifetime.
  • IP65, waterproof, rustproof.
  • Big capacity lithium battery, 1500+ cycling, various protection.

Our solar street light series is equipped with durable and robust thick aluminum bodies. These solar-powered outdoor lights offer exceptional performance in high-temperature conditions, making them an ideal choice for various outdoor lighting applications.

Designed to be cost-effective and energy-efficient, these solar garden lights provide long-lasting illumination while minimizing energy consumption. The inclusion of a big capacity and deep cycle lithium battery ensures reliable and durable service, with the ability to undergo more than 2000 deep cycles.

The solar street lights are built to withstand harsh weather conditions with their waterproof and anti-corrosive properties. They can effectively resist damage from snow and wind load, ensuring their durability and stable performance even in challenging outdoor environments.

In summary, our solar street light series combines the benefits of cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency, and long-term reliability. With their thick aluminum bodies, high-temperature resistance, and robust battery performance, these bright solar-powered outdoor lights offer an excellent outdoor lighting solution for various applications. Their waterproof and anti-corrosive features further enhance their durability and suitability for different weather conditions.

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